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Sacramento, or “Sac” as locals refer to it, is the capital of California. Known for many things such as its agriculture, sustainability, infrastructure, healthcare, and educational institutions. Sac is a lush and vibrant metropolitan city in the heart of Northern California. Also known for being “The City of Trees.” Sacramento offer a distinct neighborhoods from historic to newer planned areas and offers a balance between  urban living and suburban family life. 

No matter where in the Sacramento you call home, having a car is a big plus for convenience. However, the city has a light-rail system that services the downtown areas, with limited bus transportation outside of that.

Sacramento real estate has a wide variety of ranges for first time homebuyers to seasoned buyers looking for more upscale, luxury property. Owner occupied homes are just under 50% making this a evenly balanced community of renters and owners. With over 90% appreciation in the last ten years, the real estate market has been known as a good investment for families and investors.

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