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Sanji - Buyer - Davis

John Ojo is one of the nicest guys I know - he is a gentle giant (something like 6' 7" or so!) and is very well mannered and pleasant to be around. Not your typical self centered egotistical real estate person. My wife and I had been through the gamut with realtors in Davis and were very disappointed with the ones we had dealt with. Saying that they were greedy, disingenuous, sneaky and devious would be giving them a good review. John saw my listing come off the MLS when we had fired our Davis agent and contacted me. He was not like all the "sharks" that called and said they could sell my house for me and get "top dollar" in no time. John was polite and just asked if we needed any help. He even sent me a copy of a book he had written on real estate and how to sell your home. (It is a very informative and well written book) We invited him over and he showed up right on time (not an hour late like our Davis agents!) and was very concise and diplomatic in explaining how he would sell our house. He was kind of like a good next door neighbor and didn't talk down to us as if we were children like previous agents had. We were so impressed with this young man that we signed a contract with him. John always keeps his word and always shows up on time. Real estate is his life and we don't think he ever sleeps! We have other rental homes that we will sell in the near future. John is the only one we will trust to sell those too! If you want someone you can trust to sell your home who actually has integrity, give John a call! We are glad we did

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